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International Face Reading Session


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Product Description

Personal Face Reading!
(Private Phone call with Barbara)

Practical and specific emotional, spiritual, and holistic suggestions to support your personal grow to become happier and more productive on the job and at home

Questions you might ask?

  • What is my BEST Career?
  • Romance – Is (s)he the One for me?
  • Boss, mother, co-worker – What do I have to learn from her/him? How can I harmonize this relationship?
  • What are my special Soul gifts?
  • Which qualities are holding me back?

Private phone Session with Barbara:
In US: $60 per 30 min.
Int’l orders: $150/45 min only

How it works

  • Click Here to Pay with PayPal/M/C/Visa ($60/30 min Session US
    $150/45 min International Orders (Canada included)
  • Email Barbara (Click Here) a LARGE COLOR jpg. of your face (and the other partner if it is for Romance) Include your Cell number and the best days/times to reach you. Barbara will phone you. (Her Best times are afternoons/evenings on Pacific Time Zone (California.)
  • Have a pad of paper near the phone to take notes.
  • (For International Calls only- Please arrange to phone Barbara. Sorry – No Skype as she needs to look at your photos while talking.)

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is a psychological-spiritual system of reading a person’s character based on his or her facial features. Using her
clinical medical research background (UCSD), Barbara Roberts upgraded this ancient art by identifying patterns of personality in
10,000 peoples’ faces in her thirty years of teaching 500 classes and doing private sessions. She was a guest on 75 national/local TV/radio shows (Hallmark, TYRA, NBC News, InSide San Diego, The Learning Channel), and her videos on have 3/4 million viewers. Her books sell internationally (PDF, iPAD) and paperback. Her system is the only one to honor all ethnic groups. Abraham Lincoln chose his Cabinet using this., and Aristotle hand selected the generals for Alexander the Great, who won dominion over the ancient world. Learn what they knew for your own, personal success!